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Located in South-West England, off the coast of England this little island is the only place in the South of England that has a puffin colony. Help us spot the Lundy Puffins: please take a look at our Lundy Conservation Team Facebook page for the monitoring photo. From this photo please pick a burrow within one of the areas, watch the first video a few times and record how many times you see activity at the burrow (particularly when you see a puffin going in or coming out of the burrow). Puffins Puffins are Lundy’s most famous birds, with many keen visitors and bird watchers coming to the island to catch a glimpse of this charismatic bird. These birds have a history with the island, as shown by the island’s name “Lundy” is derived from the Norse meaning Puffin (Lund) Island (-ey).

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It's halfway up the 3 mile island, on the west coast. This is the principle puffin roost. Lundy is an English island in the Bristol Channel. It forms part of the district of Torridge in the county of Devon.

Visit Guillemot & Razorbills colonies & see nesting Puffins Lundy is home to England’s largest Manx Shearwater colony, with several thousand pairs! Grey Seals, Sika Deer & several species of bat amongst the mammals present; Enjoy cliffs covered in Thrift & Sea Campion; Look for Hay-scented Buckler-fern, Royal Fern & rare Dwarf Adder’s 2020-07-15 Lundy's famous Puffins (Image: Shelley Sherman) The Devon Birds trip usually included a special trip around Lundy on MS Oldenburg, the island's own supply ship. 2016-07-12 VISIT LUNDY ISLAND Visit this stunningly remote island off the North Devon coast.

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Once home to Vikings and a port for Barbary pirates, Lundy Island gets its name from the Puffins that dwell there. ‘Lundy’ translates to ‘Puffin’, hence the full translation of ‘Puffin Island’.

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Bird recording and ringing on Lundy are Puffins at Lundy can best be seen nesting from mid March to maybe late July/early August. http://www.lundymcz.org.uk/discover/species/seabirds/puffin. There are certain coves they prefer and it is best to ask at the office when you arrive. For a totally unique experience, visit magical Lundy Island. It is a startlingly beautiful place, nestled like a jewel in the Atlantic, three and a half miles long and half a mile wide, just 12 miles from the mainland off the North Devon coast. 2 days ago Lundy Island is now home to 21,000 seabirds, including increasing numbers of puffins..

MARTIN . COLES . HARMAN Below: 1929Reverse: A puffin standing.
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Some facts about Lundy from the BBC. It got its current name from the Vikings in the 9th Century, who called it Lund-ey, meaning Puffin Island. The Devon Birds trip usually included a special trip around Lundy on MS Oldenburg, the island's own supply ship. Grant said: "This is a great way to see the ranks of seabirds on the western cliffs. 1943 - Unadopted Essays of the Lundy Philatelic Bureau Originally released in a range of colour and different paper types.

Ten other species of breeding seabirds may also be seen during these times. The best place to see puffins on Lundy are Jenny’s Cove and St. Phillip’s Stone – both on the west coast, although some may also be seen on the island’s north coast.
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Read our guide to Visiting Lundy Island to make the most out of your day out. After the number of puffins on the island dwindled to five, Lundy decided to eradicate rats, which eat puffin eggs and chicks. As a result, Lundy brought the species back from the verge of extinction. Beccy MacDonald, Island Warden, said: "It's brilliant and this year you couldn't move for puffins. "Everyone still gets really excited when you see the Lundy puffins returning each year. "It really was pretty dire at one point, with just a few on one point of the island at Jenny's Cove, but now that area has just gone mad, and puffins are now moving to the north of the island too." Anchored 19km off the coast of southwest England, Lundy Island is tiny, rugged and remote. But a visit here leaves you with a broader vision for a more sustainable world.


Where to stay in North Devon when going to  Use our full family day out guide to see what there is to do at Lundy Island in or bird watching, especially since the island is known for its population of Puffins! Famous for its seabird and sea life; manx shearwaters, puffins, seals, dolphins, porpoise To relax after the fun and games a visit to one of the islands is a must: . To see puffins, it is best to look for a breeding colony. Try the RSPB's Bempton Cliffs (N Yorks) and South Stack (Anglesey) reserves, the Farne Islands and Coquet  Mar 2, 2020 Lundy Island Marine Nature Reserve is a great day trip from Bude.

For starters, ‘Lundy’ is Norse for Puffin, plus everything I’d ever gleaned about the island was based around this bird, with even the Lundy Island stamps bearing this funny little bird.